Food Pantry

*Due to Covid-19, we are not having clients come inside the Resource Center. If you need groceries, clothing, or household necessities, please fill out this online grocery list. We will schedule a time for you to pick up, and we will bring your items out to your car. Most pick -ups will be on Wednesdays at 11am because that is the day we get bread and goodies from Panera and Kroger. Please fill out the grocery list by Tuesday at noon so we have time to fill your order. We may also be able to arrange delivery for clients who are homebound. Follow us on facebook to stay updated. 


Our food pantry is stocked with non-perishable food items, toiletries, and household necessities all donated by the community. In addition, Panera and Kroger donate bread and goodies to us every Wednesday. Our clients shop for themselves and select the items that their families prefer. We do not have refrigerated items or fresh produce. While we may not have everything a client is looking for, we keep people from going hungry.


We need constant donations from the community to keep our pantry stocked. Please see our facebook page for an updated list of our food pantry needs. Donations can be dropped off anytime in the plastic bins outside the front door of the Family Resource Center.


Please bring reusable grocery bags when visiting the food pantry.

Little Food Pantry

If you have a food emergency when we are closed, you are welcome to visit our outdoor food pantry. It is on the side of the building. 

Clothing Room

One room of the Family Resource Center is full of gently-used clothing, coats, and shoes donated by our community members. We also occasionally have other household items. These items are free to people in need. 

If you would like to donate, please only bring us VERY NICE, CLEAN clothing and shoes. Please do not bring dirty, stained, or ripped items. We simply don't have time to sort through junk. Please email before you donate clothing or household items to make sure we need them. Thank you.

School Supplies

We keep a small selection of school supplies and backpacks on hand all year round. However, in the summer, we ask for school supply donations so we can make sure every child has what they need for school. If you would like to be alerted when it is time to donate or come get school supplies, please join our email list and follow us on facebook.

Holiday Assistance

We coordinate holiday food an gift assistance with our parter churches and organizations. If you would like to adopt a family or buy a Christmas gift for a child in need, please contact us.

Thanksgiving Food baskets are provided by St. Francis of Assisi parish. You must contact us by mid October to sign up. 

Christmas gifts are provided by churches, businesses, and families in the community. You must contact us to sign up by the middle of November.

Easter baskets are provided by St. Francis of Assisi parishioners. You must contact us by 2 weeks before Easter to sign up.